• PK-S

    Excellent review, Phil. While I’m not an X-Men fan myself – oddly, I’ve managed to sidestep the whole franchise though I am aiming to rectify this.

    Really fluent read, well done with excellent points raised that fully justify your rating! Can’t wait to see your next review.

    • EmpathDigital

      Thanks very much, I appreciate the feedback! I do recommend watching the films – you can probably skip The Last Stand and X-Men Origins, but watch the first two, The Wolverine and First Class before seeing this one and you’ll appreciate it a little more.

      I believe my next film review will be Guardians of the Galaxy in August, but I’ll be writing ad hoc articles and opinion pieces over the summer so make sure to keep checking back!

      • PK-S

        The plan is to binge-watch the series this week and then head along to Days of Future Past.

        I look forward to reading your review of Guardians of the Galaxy – and your ad hoc articles.

  • Very fair and accurate review. I’ve just been to see the film myself and it was most delightful (although my avatar might give away my bias towards time-travel genres). I thought they handled it very well, describing how time travel functioned clearly after seeing it in operation at the start, but not in the patronising manner that many poorly written films fall foul of when explaining plots structure via group discussion.

    And while I agree it might jar slightly in a thematical sense that it was Wolvy rather than Kitty that was sent back, Hugh Jackman is just too good to not have as a central role. In a spoilery final thought, I really hope that they keep all the original cast for the alternate Apocalypse timeline. If Famke Janssen and James Marsden were willing to make cameos it’s perfectly possible they’ll want to be involved in the next movie, and we can all put the dreadful Last Stand saga behind us at last

    • EmpathDigital

      I agree, the time travel element was very concisely explained and executed from the beginning, meaning they didn’t have to keep revealing new tidbits of information about it which would have ended up being overly clunky and expositional.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news on the future films, but it’s been more or less confirmed that the ending is a definitive conclusion to that particular timeline (incidentally, you might want to edit your comment to remove mentions of any particular actors returning, the film hasn’t been out that long and I’d hate for people to get spoiled on those appearances before seeing the film), and that Apocalypse will focus solely on the ‘prequel’ timeline – apparently it takes place in the 80s, so we’ll have slightly older versions of those characters, but still sticking with McAvoy and Fassbender. The upshot of this is that they seem to have retconned The Last Stand entirely out of existence, as well as a lot of elements of X-Men Origins, which can only ever be a good thing!