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Wizards vs Aliens: Series 3 Announced

wizards-vs-aliens-series-203-4Sci-fi adventure series Wizards Vs Aliens has been re-commissioned by CBBC for a magical third series.

Created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who), the fast-paced drama follows the young wizard Tom Clarke and his scientific friend Benny as they attempt to stop the Nekross, who are threatening to destroy all of wizardkind – and the Earth – in their pursuit of magic.

In this brand-new series, the pace steps up as Tom and Benny come face to face with a new alien race and a whole variety of magical creatures. Meanwhile, Varg has a new wife by his side, but the mysterious Lady Lyzera has a secret of her own…

Controller of CBBC, Cheryl Taylor, said: “CBBC is the home of thrilling and inspiring drama for children and Wizards Vs Aliens is a perfect example of that. The series is vivid and brave and our audience loves the portrayal of loyal friendship alongside exciting alien battles and stunning wizardry. Children want to talk about Tom, Benny and the Nekross and we know they’ll be delighted to hear a third series is being conjured up by the talented team in Wales.”

Produced by BBC Cymru Wales, it is filmed at the BBC’s Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff and on location around the area.

Series three will be executive produced by Phil Ford and Nikki Wilson for BBC Wales and Sue Nott for CBBC. It will start production next month and will air in 2014/15.

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  • Joel Mole

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Moxx

    2014/15? Are we getting a New Year’s special? That would be fabulous!

  • Gustaff

    Too rich for my taste, but I admire RTD for coming up with something new as opposed to all the dragged out children’s programs ruining my childhood memories. I’m seeing a lot of that. Every channel hop I find one of my old favorites have become a cash cow and is being ruined. I might not like AvW, but at least it’s new and fresh.


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