• Jack Stevens

    Looks like a cross between Androvax and the Cybermen.

  • FirstDoctor42

    Looks like the steward type thing from Jabba’s palace in ‘Return of the Jedi’.

  • FarewellPonds

    Looks interesting. Looks a lot like Androvax.

  • Eternalite™

    Hold the what now? The chest pieces are exactly like those of the Cybermen!

  • EccentricEddie

    I will watch I miss RTD down to earth Sci Fi , with dr who getting to fantasy like, it would be refreshing for some RTD Sci Fi , it an SJA replacement

    • I would so bring RTD back making doctor who if i could :'( doctor who has changed dramatically with SM Mainly doing doctor who :| & it isn’t as good as the DW’s . . . good old classics

  • Ah this looks epic . . . Can’t wait to see the trailer for it & the air date!!

  • The Mad Hatter

    I actually think they look brilliant! Written by RTD? Yes people, I will be watching.

  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    It’s like Abdrovax mixed with a cyber man with a splash of sontaran…

  • koool