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Wizards Vs Aliens: Dawn of the Nekross Details

Story details for the first two episodes of Russell T Davies’ new CBBC drama Wizards vs Aliens have been revealed.

Dawn Of The Nekross (Part 1):

Tom Clarke is hiding a secret – he’s a schoolboy wizard! But when the magic-eating alien Nekross arrive on Earth, a battle for survival begins. Tom must use his magical powers to protect his family – but only the school geek, Benny, can help him against the plans of the terrifying Nekross King.

Dawn Of The Nekross (Part 2):

With his Gran trapped in outer space, Tom and Benny must dare to go inside the mystical Chamber to ask the mysterious Randal Moon for help. But with time running out for Ursula, and Tom’s dad joining the fight, can even a magical hobgoblin fight an enemy from beyond the Earth?

There’s also a video to watch featuring interviews with Russell T Davies and the cast, as well as clips.

Wizards Vs Aliens airs October on CBBC.

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  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    Sounds good.

  • The Horde of Travesties

    Cant wait!

  • The Horde of Travesties

    I’m looking foward to this and youung dracula!

  • The Mysteries Of TerrorDoc

    One of the Nekross looks like there wearing a female version of the Sontaran suit….

  • The Mysteries Of TerrorDoc

    Ah!! Since the commenting has now changed on Cultfix for all browsers, I can now comment on here as well!! Yay!

  • That Awkward Silent

    I’m still on the bench about this. In some trailers it looks good and in others it looks terrible. I’ll probably watch the first two then see how I feel are that but my hopes aren’t that high to be honest.


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