• Steve Willis

    I thought it was good to express love which is rarely represented in children’s TV.
    The love is that of family, but towards someone who you’re not genetically related to.

    It’s something that is more than just “best friends”. Benny and Tom are brothers, not “as if they were like brothers”.

    Common perception is that you have: Enemies->Neutral->Friends->Best Friends->Romantic. The word love is thought to be only used to family or romantic. In fact, there is another form of love and it’s what I said above. Loving someone as if they’re your own.

    The rest of the episode was fine. It’s interesting what Jethro might do. Will he express his deceptive skills some more to undermine the inside of Nekross? Though he’s a character who saves his own skin. He might engage on a redemption story arc. He sort of started by withholding information about Benny’s true location.