• Mark M

    Nice review Pat. I’ve tried getting into WvA a few times, but haven’t really been gripped by it. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

    • PK-S

      Oh, WvA is on par with SJA in terms of quality. I think people disliked WvA initially was because it followed SJA so quickly but it’s an incredible children’s drama on its own.

      Series 2 is astonishingly good!

  • thebluetooth

    I thought the queen regent’s secret was that she was a wizard?
    Also, did the actress for Katie change too?

    • PK-S

      Yes – it was! Sorry! The preview copy I received cut off after the final cave scene unexpectedly (dunno why – not because of spoilers or anything because it’s mentioned in next week’s episode) and I assumed it just went straight to the credits. Sorry!

      • Steve Willis

        I liked the queen’s secret, even if it’s revealed in quite a I’M GOING TO SHOUT MY AMBITIONS TO NO ONE FOR THE PURPOSE OF EXPOSITION. I want to see more “dark magic” in Wizards Vs Aliens. I want to see the waters turn muddy. What was great about Floor 13 was that the waters were completely opaque.
        The concept of Good Vs Evil can only stretch so far. The concept of Humans Nature Vs “Human” Nature is infinite. The best series that last for ages do not have clear cut black and white.

        So yes, having a mage Nekross who probably is using dark magic is going to be interesting.