• Steve Willis

    It did build up excitement for the next series. I want to know about the Lexxie thing.

    I wonder if the scene with the revelation that Benny’s sexuality could have been a little more straight (no homophobic pun intended). I felt it danced around with too much doubetrunderspellingthing. I guess Benny was that nervous about revealing his sexuality that he didn’t have the nerve to say “I am gay” or “I am attracted to guys”.

    I felt like the story could have worked with Ursula’s death. I don’t want her to die, but I felt it was a little cheap how undone her death was. Took away the impact of her selflessness (used her 4 spell to save Moon. Why didn’t Moon do a protection enchantment though?). She still could have given the message to Tom as dead.
    It felt like because it was a kiddy programme, the main characters were immortal.

    • PK-S

      That scene must have been omitted from the preview I saw on risk of spoilers. Or I missed it. Whereabouts in the episode was it?

      • The Capaldi Masterplan

        Just before Ursula talks to Tom through the psychic girl. I think it did take a bit too long to get to the point (at least for Tom; the audience could probably tell as soon as Benny first started talking about being equal and opposite) but I suppose that was just to show how intimidated he probably felt, especially telling ladies man Tom. It was still a fantastic scene with a brilliant performance from Scott and Percelle.

        • Will

          It was beautifully written & performed, and didn’t actually take too long at all. It was a realistic moment and I think depicted Benny’s intimidation and hidden fear as he didn’t say it out-right. He danced around those three words which is what one might realistically do in a delicate situation like that.
          Whatever the case, Benny was incredibly sweet, and he’s so much more admirable now – as is Tom more likeable for being so accepting of him immediately – so I’m personally a lot more emotionally invested in them as characters, and besides, I’d love to see Benny find his match now just as Tom found his.
          Those two characters are irrefutably brilliant, and it’s promising to see them in a childrens show, knowing that children are growing up being exposed to mature things at an early age, whilst also being shown that it’s perfectly fine and nothing to be ashamed of (your sexuality) so they can also learn to be more accepting like Tom was.

    • Huknar

      I don’t agree with your comment about Benny. I thought it was done excellently and realistically.Very happy with that scene.

      I somewhat agree about Ursula. I was pretty devastated to see her “die” at the end of the last episode but at the same time I was impressed they went that far in a CBBC show. While I guiltily admit that I’m glad she’s alive, favourite character and all, it could have left a lasting impact on the show if she didn’t.

    • DoctorWho50

      I agree with your points on Ursula’s death – I felt cheated.

      For me it was similar to in The Curse of Crowe when she was fine at the end, despite the whole story saying that the enchantment couldn’t be undone without her transforming into the Neverwas.

  • Will

    I don’t actually care about the story now… I just wanted to give Benny a hug. That scene (I intend to not spoil it for anyone this time) with him & Tom was heart warming. I don’t actually know how to describe it, but Russell T Davies has earnt ten billion times more respect from me in introducing such a mature thing in a childrens show and I simply cannot wait for Series 3 because it has to happen!
    I suppose it’s because I can relate to his character, but yeah… Benny is now my favourite. Series 2 made Tom & Lexi shine and Benny was almost stood under the shadow of them, but that scene… It’s still left an impact on me more than anything else, and Benny undoubtedly out-shone any other character in the episode.
    He needs a hug from me.
    I really hope we see his first date… It’ll be so sweet I may implode.
    This Nekross war has now opened up a whole new potential for stories in the future. We may even leave the comfort of Earth & have stories set completely out in space… they could even introduce hundreds of new alien species – magic or not – so I can’t believe how good this show has become.
    I don’t care about the resolution. I thought it was all done brilliantly, especially because Tom was going to change Benny – I was going to go at him with a knife if he did – but Benny was brilliant, and showed Tom that with all his power, he didn’t want to change because he was proud of who he is.
    That for me made the whole thing worth while, because it really was a beautifully magical moment, and one we don’t get enough of on television.

    • mark27b

      As with The Thirteenth Floor story this was originally intended for a different series. This with Benny picks up a proposed storyline for Luke Smith from SJA should that series have continued Russell the Davies has said. Cultbox and other sites cover it last July.

  • Joel Mole

    Loved the episode. Even if the ending was Deus ex Machina. I’m concerned that they didn’t mention Gemma at all after 100 wizards. Also, what happened to Jathro? His mum died gruesomely but he disappeared of to Nekron without a goodbye.

  • Joe

    I hope the next series focuses on Benny more. After that fantastic scene he grew enormously as a character. I also wonder if his Mum and Dad know?

  • Lee Tennant

    Honestly, after the extraordinary last two storylines I found this one dissatisfying.

    For a start, a lot of it didn’t make any sense, the cliffhangers at the end of episode 1 were resolved too neatly – even glibly – and when I got to the end and realised it was just a rehash of the Doctor Who S1 finale I was extremely disappointed.

    How is clockwork not “technology”. It is. A pen is technology. So unless we’re now saying that only computer technology doesn’t work in the chamber then why are magical realms so very specific about exactly what technology does and doesn’t work? This show bothered me a lot when it started that the writers didn’t seem to know what science actually was – an issue when it’s a children’s sci-fi show – and now it appears that confusion extends to technology too.

    I also found it hard to believe that a piece of plastic with some magic poured on it would fool the wizards into thinking it was the source.

    How can an entire Nekross fleet travel to Earth instantaneously? Why wasn’t the King surprised that Kooth just popped by for a chat? And, if the Nekross have that technology, then why has this ship been away from home so long and hanging over Earth by itself when the Nekross could just send in an entire fleet, drain a planet of magic, and zap back home?

    In many ways this was classic RTD: manic, silly and nonsensical with an odd beautiful character moment thrown in (Benny’s conversations with Tom for example). And while that wouldn’t have bothered me a few weeks ago because this was very much the show when it started, now it’s just disappointing. I guess it’s just the victim of its own recent unexpected brilliance.

  • Will

    Although I absolutely loved this episode for more than one reason, I can’t help but feel a little narked by the fact that – in the space of less than 24 hours – I think (in my opinion) I’ve thought of a more logical & satisfying resolution to the story than what actually happened.
    Nonetheless, the ending was brilliant, but unbelievably unoriginal – it’s undeniable, even from a massive Russell T Davies fan such as myself – I can’t refute that allegation, as it’s simply true.
    I thought the ending was marvellous and spectacular, but it was no where near as good as the rest of the story had been beforehand. Everything was so original and rewarding, and then it seems Davies wanted to rain on his own parade by stealing (almost moment by moment) the plot solution from an episode from another show he worked on.
    I don’t want to call it lazy, but I feel Russell had obviously backed himself into such a tight corner he had no idea how else to solve the dilemma facing them… However, I think I know… and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the finale aired.
    Basically, when Chancellor Kooth teleported aboard the mothership, instead of the Nekross King devouring her, why didn’t Vargh take her hostage and order her to call off the attack?
    He could have then saved the day by continuing the fight (the Civil War) but taking the battle away from Earth. Therefore, if he simply teleported the humans back to Earth, he could have then opened up the portal in space and flown the ship through with the battleships following in persuit. The portal would’ve closed & the day would’ve been saved.
    Not only that, a lot would’ve also been left open; Lexxie’s assumed death, the civil war, and the overall relationship between wizards & Nekross now etc.
    I feel this would’ve personally had a less deflating effect on the story, but this is simply just my opinion.
    Whatever people think, I have to argue that after everything it’s still phenomenal. Especially Benny. He’s grown in my mind so much, as has Tom. They’re incredible characters & brilliant role models (fictional or not) for children to idolise & grow up watching.
    Well done Wizards VS Aliens.
    Roll on Series 3!

  • mark27b

    I thought ‘Bad Wolf’ too when I saw it and there was a bit of Doctor Who regeneration to Tom this week too.

    These episodes with the Lexi story resolution seemed to be more of a series end than a season end quite fitting if there is no third season. It was only when it was mentioned that revenge was wanted and the war continues did I see a ‘get out of jail’ card for the story to continue should there be another season.


    On a separate note just like to say how much I have looked forward to and enjoyed these WvA reviews in recent weeks.

    • PK-S

      Thank you very much!

      If there is a series three then I’ll be back.

    • Joel Mole

      agree on the Bad wolf thing. When Tom resurrected Lexi I actually thought “I bring life” there.
      I thought there could’ve been a series 3 without the Nekross and they could fight different aliens whilst the Nekross go off to Nekron

  • jackwils100 .

    I loved the last episode of wizards vs aliens I can’t wait for series 3 to come out. I can’t believe that benny came out I didn’t expect it at all and I hope the next series focuses on benny and his coming out to everybody and I hope he gets a boyfriend and I kind of suspect that he might have a crush on quinn. So excited to see series 3

  • mark27b

    I did reply twice but its stuck at moderation