• The Capaldi Masterplan

    Completely agree with this review. Every week this show has gotten better and better, especially as it becomes more concerned with building up the characters and the story rather than just giving us random new Nekross attacks like in Series One. I can see the finale definitely making this show the best thing currently on CBBC!

    • PK-S

      Did you cry? You must have cried. Tell me you cried.

      • The Capaldi Masterplan

        I didn’t cry… But I needed an inhaler and I’m not even asthmatic!

        • PK-S


  • Huknar

    This episode was the best in the show so far I think. What a beautiful and ultimately tear-jerking idea. Everyone’s acting was absolutely perfect and the themes were so incredible adult that I cannot begin to praise it for.

    This episode has truly inspired me.

    They could have quite easily made it so much sadder (Seeing Benny JR vanish into wisps of magic in his parents arms, which I was dreading,) but fortunately they didn’t.

  • Joel Mole

    Must not cry… (blubbers like a baby)

  • mark27b

    I assumed the elderly Elizabeth Hatcher died in the intervening years.

    Gwendoline Christie said Lexi was the equivalent of 17 human years. Not sure how old schoolboy tom is.

  • Stevie

    I… loved it. Love it. Masterpiece. Absolute masterpiece! Masterpiece. I’m repeating these words in hope that I can really convey my emotions right now. They’re all over the place. I’m having to run around my house trying to catch them with a fishing net because I just can’t cope at the moment. My emotions… They’re everywhere. Literally having to ask someone if I’m hot or cold in order to find them again.
    Phil Ford… why did you do this to me?

  • I hate to disagree with you PK-S, because you generally share my views in your articles, but I felt a little let down when Ursula told Tom that he’d forget the last 20 years of his memory. I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to make him grow as a character – he’d be wiser and more competent, yet remaining the teenage role-model he already is. It’s a unique turning point which would give the format so much more to play with – these opportunities don’t come around often!

    Other than that, you’ve hit the nail on the head with the rest. The serial was truly deserving of a 10/10. :D

  • I think if written for SJA then it would have been clyed and Rani in another mystical Dimension and Luke, Skye and Sarah Jane finding them.