• Steve Willis

    I thought Josie was under used in part 1. But in part 2 it didn’t bother me.

    I did feel like they stressed the “WE ARE AWESOME BROTHERS” too much in Part 1. To the extent that the “friendship is more powerful than everything” in part 2 felt cheesey.

    One thing I did feel was that the hostility between Tom and Benny wasn’t believable enough. Much worse things would have been said in real-life. But because this is an older-children’s show, they couldn’t use that language. In my mind I justify this unrealism with: “Inside they still are great mates. Therefore they use soft insults”.

    I like the themes of dark magic in this episode and the previous one. It does set the stage that perhaps a big-bad one episode might be a sincerely evil wizard.

  • Joel Mole

    I would like a story that will not feature the Nekross at all