• http://www.starwho.tk/ Dalekwho

    I going watch this fully in the weekend but so bits of it a it didn’t look bad.

  • Joel Mole

    I think that ‘control’ is that blue Chancellor lady from episode 1

    • The Doctor

      Yep there was a summary on the web that said in the finale Kooth and Jathro turn on Lexi, Varg and the King or something like that.

      • Joel Mole

        just saw the curse of crowe. I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Steve Willis

    I like the implication of ‘grim magic’, It supports my wishes that they explore the idea of Bad-Wizards.

  • aslanscompass

    There was a moment where I thought that Ursula was going to die, which would have really annoyed me because she’s so like Sarah Jane. But I loved how this episode really got to explore Randel Moon and pair him up with Benny. It really showed Randel’s joy at getting out of the chamber.

  • The Doctor

    I just have a feeling it is going to become tedious though. Doctor Who would never have worked with Daleks in every episode so I think after this series they need to give the Nekross a break and make it a bit more bolder and come up with more concepts for Series 3 if there is one.