• Steve Willis

    Carrying on the darker themes, it would be interesting if they encounter ‘not-good’ Wizards.
    I mean, ‘worse’ than the Wizard that tried to sell out to save himself in episodes 1&2.

    In their past, innocents were accused of witchcraft. It’d be interesting if there were indeed real dark-wizards. Perhaps wizards that want to bring forth the never-side thing.

    I think if I watched that episode as a child, the creature’s bones and smouldering remains would have disturbed me.

    • Joel Mole

      I’m a teenager and the hobbldyhoy’s death disturbs me now. Your idea is interesting and I’d like to see that happen in the series 2 finale (or maybe series 3)

      • Steve Willis

        If the Nekross can be more than ‘the bad guys’, then I’d like to see some ‘bad wizards’ causing trouble.