• YellowEternal

    Nice review! That ending was indeed quite a shock, I wasn’t expecting that.

  • Ben Roberts

    I thought the ending was a little dark and depressing, considering it’s a children’s show. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chloe though. The Nekross are bound to taunt him ASAP!

  • Despite the plot holes, I still feel it’s the best episode of Wizards so far (though Grazlax Attacks is a close second!) – they don’t have swarms of pedantic fans to contend with, which is the beauty of children’s telly; it’s the reason I come back every week to watch it.

    • PK-S Come Dancing

      I’m totally a pedant.

      My favourite episode of all is definitely Friend or Foe, I thought it was fantastic.

      • Ah, yes – is that the one with the lonely guy who pressured Tom into all sorts of trouble? That was brilliant. I hope he’s up for a return.

  • Steve Willis

    I thought it was foolish of them to let Chloe go back to the children’s home. They knew that the Nekross knew where Chloe lived. It seems very stupid that they didn’t realise that they were condemning Chloe to a form-of-death.
    That’s sadly a giant plot hole in this story. It makes me feel like how the Wizards can ever beat the Nekross if they can’t notice this fundamental failure of theirs’.

  • aslanscompass

    I’ve wanted a drained wizard to return since the first episode. Partially because Old Mark was played by Elisabeth Sladen’s husband, but oh, the storytelling possibilities for ANY of those characters….