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Will there be a Red Dwarf XI?

The tenth series of Red Dwarf is concluding tonight on Dave, but what about the future? Will there be a Red Dwarf XI?

Show writer and co-creator Doug Naylor believes the chances for another series are good.

He explained: “You can never absolutely guarantee it because UKTV have to commission it, the boys all have to want to do it, then there’s the contractual obligations. But in terms of how this series has been received, it’s been very, very positive and the ratings have been terrific. Ironically, it’s been the highest selling BBC title on iTunes as well. ”

He also gave an update on the long-rumoured movie: “Craig said something interesting to me which was if we were to do the film, he wouldn’t want to leave the TV series. Because that’s where Red Dwarf really works best. Originally we were advised to do something with a really big budget whereas if we kept to a smaller budget we could have got something made. But at the time we believed the advice we were given. I could have got a big budget if I agreed to recast it but I absolutely refused. It wouldn’t be Red Dwarf without the original cast so I just said nah (laughs).”

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  • Scot Rawlings

    Recast? That would be a disgrace to the name Red Dwarf! Glad the right choice was made! Bring on Red Dwarf XI ..Need to be more Lister and Kryten scenes…where has his high pitched squeals gone?

  • Kev Bailey

    got to bring back holly in a future episode, I’d like that

  • Andy Love

    A large budget is totally unnecessary to the Dwarf! Infact It’s the complete opposite to what the Dwarf is and clearly which ever fat cat suggested it has never seen a single episode of Red Dwarf.. An amazing well crafted CGI monster chasing the team isn’t funny… A rubber looking alien that changes into a bouncing beach ball then a slinky then a rabbit.. THAT.. THAT is hilarious.

  • Daniel Nolte

    I say every fan send in 10 dollars and have the Red Dwarf fan financed so it is made the way Doug and all the fans want it made.


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