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Will there be a Red Dwarf XI? – Cult Fix
  • Recast? That would be a disgrace to the name Red Dwarf! Glad the right choice was made! Bring on Red Dwarf XI ..Need to be more Lister and Kryten scenes…where has his high pitched squeals gone?

  • got to bring back holly in a future episode, I’d like that

  • A large budget is totally unnecessary to the Dwarf! Infact It’s the complete opposite to what the Dwarf is and clearly which ever fat cat suggested it has never seen a single episode of Red Dwarf.. An amazing well crafted CGI monster chasing the team isn’t funny… A rubber looking alien that changes into a bouncing beach ball then a slinky then a rabbit.. THAT.. THAT is hilarious.

  • I say every fan send in 10 dollars and have the Red Dwarf fan financed so it is made the way Doug and all the fans want it made.