• Arrow 2.0

    Primeval, nuff said it didnt deserve to die

    • NoLongerARegisteredUser

      Become extinct.

  • Cyruptsaram

    Doctor Who is a jewel to the BBC, they would be stupid to cancel it, plus Series 10 has already been confirmed for 2016, and Sherlock is already been confirmed for Series 5 as well, which will most likely be released in 2017.

    • misshobbity .

      Thats optimistic, I wouldn’t expect to see Sherlock series 5 until at least 2030 ;)

  • PK-S

    I have to disagree entirely with your paragraph on Broadchurch, John.

    If Broadchurch gets sunk then it won’t be because of “some people and trigger-happy TV execs”, it’ll be because of the lambasting it’s been getting from mainstream critics, dwindling ratings they’re losing to Silent Witness and because it’s being falling out of favour with the first series’ audience.

    And regarding Doctor Who and The Musketeers – even if Doctor Who‘s ratings hit rock bottom in series nine for whatever reason, the BBC would still re-commission it because of the amount of money they make through merchandise etc. – it’s a global behemoth now. Also The Musketeers has been garnering respectable views – enough to warrant a third series, I’d wager.

    I do agree with you, though, that we really cannot lose the Saturday night cult drama. Atlantis might have been fifty shades of duff but it’s better than some hastily assembled reality TV programme. Hopefully, Atlantis will be replaced by something in a similar vein (albeit one that’s much better in quality) and I think it will purely because BBC One has such a poor reputation for successfully reality TV (see: That Puppet Game Show, Tumble).

    • Gustaff

      I remember the sinking pun you posted on Twitter shortly after the news broke. Good one Pat!

  • notsosmartguy

    I never got into Atlantis but you have my sympathy. I know what it’s like to loose a great show too early (RIP Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes).

    • Gustaff

      Replaced with garbage called Avengers Assemble.

  • Gustaff

    Atlantis was something to watch when nothing else was on. I always considered it a poor man’s Nobuna’s Ambition.

    It took too long too get to the really good bits of the mythos. The jail/bull episode among several others. The whole ‘I want to love you/I can’t love you’ grew tiresome really freaking fast.

    It was something different. It wasn’t a Lawyer/Cop/Fireman show which is nice.

  • Charlie

    Totally agree that in this day and age that good shows are loosing to absolute rubbish reality TV shows like X Factor, The Only Way is Essex (which is actually insulting as I live there! And it’s nothing like that!), Britain’s got Talent, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (more like I’m not a Celebrity I’m just desperate!). I do think that Atlantis wasn’t that great a show, I think it had the potential to be but it was just to predictable for me. But I pray that the public will see the light and that they’ll see that those shows are just repeating piles of dung. And that we have great, super, proper, good old fashioned television on the BBC.

  • misshobbity .

    Ive always loved my saturday night fantasy escape, it started with Robin Hood and then Merlin came along and ended up being my favourite show of all time (don’t even touch me Im never getting over it) Atlantis was very poor in comparison but I gave it a shot because Im interested in Greek myths and love all the stories but sadly Atlantis never captured me in the way other fantasy shows have. I think the acting on the most part was poor (with exceptions being Sarah Parish and Robert Emms) and it just never sparked for me although series 2 was an improvement I don’t think it would have lasted 5 years even without this rash cancellation. However, I agree that it is worrying that shows like this that transport you away from reality for 45 minutes every weekend which are full of adventure and fun and drama are being cancelled and absolute garbage like lottery shows, talent shows and the like are filling up the schedules. I want the escapism back the history of a long gone time or hero. I want adventure and humour, drama and loveable characters and I want to look forward to escaping this reality for an hour each week. But this article has made me seriously worry because although personally its no heartbreak for me that Atlantis is gone, the heartbreak lies in the fact we may not get a show to replace it that is similiar in tone to those Ive loved in the past.

  • NoLongerARegisteredUser

    I have to disagree totally with your sentance on ITV saying “ITV are notorious for producing trash television” which should read “ITV are NOW notorious for producing trash television” because previously ITV companies such as ABC produced The Avengers. HTV produced Richard Turpin and Robin Of Sherwood. ITC produced various cult shows under Lew Grade too such as The Prisoner, Thunderbirds and The Champions etc…

    • NoLongerARegisteredUser

      Posted again as it didn’t like the common abbreviation for Richard in the name of the classic D**** Turpin series starring Richard O’Sullivan.