• Joel Mole

    when will this will be out

  • Battlefield 4

    Guys Please Answer:
    On doctorwhotv disqus doesn’t load. Its just from me, or its a problem of the site.

    Disqus loads in every other site.

    • TARDIS44

      Having the same problem!

      • TheRani istheGreatIntelligence

        You too! Maybe we should get in touch with DWTV.

        • TARDIS44

          Waited a bit, but now considering it. Been about 2 weeks now

          • I’ve had it since Friday. I heard someone say that it’s because Disqus is doing updates, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ll have to have a good look at their website.

          • Oh by the way I forgot to mention. If you want somewhere to comment about DW and things, you could try Disqus Limbo. :-)

          • TARDIS44

            Ah! Cheers mate, might just do that :D

    • Firefox.

    • TheRani istheGreatIntelligence

      I’m having the same problem. :-/ Hopefully, it’ll pass.

    • The Administrator is Eleven

      I had the problem. I cleared my Browser’s cache and it started working again. The only problem is that you have to re-log in to everything.

  • TheRoastNewt

    Season 24? Poor storylines? Trying to bait viewers back by bringing in guest stars? Sounds familiar to me (although I still quite liked the other show I’m referring to). Well, if The Simpsons follows the example of classic Doctor Who, then seasons 25 and 26 will be absolutely smashing, and only then will it get cancelled. Hmm. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen the show. I only ever watched what they aired on Channel 4 – up to around season 10 I think – and I don’t even know where to find the new episodes in Britain. Still, I may try and seek out this episode when we do find out who it is. It could be very interesting.

    • The Administrator is Eleven

      As far as I know, Channel 4 show around up to Season 10 like you said while episodes beyond that are shown on Sky1. I’m fairly certain it’s every day.

  • I am much more anticipating the death of one of the griffin family on family guy. (Also both shows are having a crossover ep)

  • I bet it’s Grampa or Sideshow Bob.

  • The Administrator is Eleven

    Have they actually announced in which episode the death will occur? Or are we just waiting for them to announce when it will happen? I suppose the name of that episode may give the game away a little so they may keep it quiet as long as they can.

  • Rassilon

    i think it will be bart