• danny mcdonald

    Toby Whithouse i have grate respect for you because you have managed to capture the harts and mindes of millions of people. i know it wasnt your fult that aidan descided to leave your show for the hoddit, but i beg of you. please do evryting in your power to get him back. i will wait for three years, hell i would wait for three thousand yars to have mitchell back in being human. i dont know you toby, but let me ask you this. all those years ago when you first sat down and and put pen to papper, and verry frst thought of john mitchell, i bet you didnt think that his life would end like that. he was a monster. but not by choise. he gave in to the demon that was screeming to get out, yet he could have done so mutch more with his lif and you have the power to let him. dont get me wrong. i do not get confused between what is reality and not. i know that this is onlt a tv show. i know that all the actors have there owne lifes to get on with. but i definitely know that i am not the only one to think this, —-> (i have been watching being human from the first season, and i have grown an attachment to the caricatures in the show. although i have no place in there lifes, they have a big place in mine. when there happy im hppy, when the sad im sad, when they die and there is a chance to bring them back i will go to the end of the earth to see that that happens. metaphorically speaking.) i am sorry toby if i seem a little bit OTT right now i am just sad that mitchel has to go. you see i can relate to mitchell, not that im a self hateing vampire but i have a realy bad anger problem and i loose my tempah alot. and sometimes i scair myself because i might hurt someone. i am constantly trying to fight this and seeing mitchel have neare enough the shame problem as me. seeing that im not the only one that as to watch myself 24 hours a day. mitchell means alot more to me than i first thought, and without him i dont have alot more to look forward to in life. i dont know if you are ever going to read this and your probabily not, but if you do, just know that you have made a much bigger impact to the world than you could ever imagen and i wish you well. danny mcdonald.

  • Chic_alice

    just to say, life won’t be the same without the most luscious, charismatic vampire , Mitchell.

  • Lindseym1

    I agree, Mitchell please come back!!

  • Lauraines

    please please he come back