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What Merlin Did Next

Following on from his best actor win at the National Television Awards last night, the BBC have released a picture of Merlin star Colin Morgan in his next television project, Quirke.

Quirke is a new drama based on the books by Benjamin Black, adapted by screenwriters Andrew Davies and Conor McPherson and starring Gabriel Byrne in the title role.

Quirke is the chief pathologist in the Dublin city morgue – a charismatic loner whose job takes him into unexpected places as he uncovers the secrets of sudden death in 1950s Dublin.

Morgan guest stars as Jimmy Minor in the final episode of the three-part series, entitled Elegy For April.


  • TardisBoy™


    He looks so different! I think this may take some getting used to! XD I miss seeing him in his Merlin clothes already! :(

  • Peripherus

    Guest star? :( I want a new ongoing drama where he stars as the main actor.

  • Nimueh123

    Wow, hence the haircut. I was wondering what on earth had happened. I cannot wait to see Colin in a different role. Absolutely brilliant he won – I am so pleased for him and feel gratified that he has been recognized for his brilliance.

  • ThirdofEight

    Wow. He looks different. And older. I was so glad to hear he won the NTA.

  • snowcat60

    After 5 years with his bowl haircut and scarf, it is funny seeing him with a different look! I hope he gets to show his emotional range of acting like he did in Merlin. Wish him the best. Still miss Merlin, though….


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