• RebeccaR

    Nathan deserved better send than this. there should have been a whole episode dedicated to him leaving.

    • Misfitsrules

      Agreed. Bit lame to write him out so quickly.

  • Tdm2895

    i wouldn’t call that s movie more and min eip

  • Laura

    I think they should have devoted a whole episode to Nathan plus, it wasn’t like he was killed off he was dragged off to prison, giving the impression that he could return to the show at some point.  I didn’t learn anything except he’s in prison, but for how long? I would also like to know what happens to his girlfriend and Nathan Jr.  and exactly what was his new power? Basically I didn’t learn anything from this 10 minute clip. Very disappointing send off. Don’t tell me one of main character’s of the show is leaving and then give me hope that they could return. If he’s gone then kill him off or at least let the fans know that he could return at some point. Also, I don’t like the new character. He’s not funny, and he only makes me want Nathan characters back even more.

  • Jenny

    He can’t be leaving…It’s not fair! And they should have made this longer! Give him a grand exit!

  • Chicken_685

    I agree with the rest of you, the send off was poor, but I see a lot saying to kill him off. Don’t forget they cant with his powers :s and yea some explanation of his new power would have been good as well. All in All for me is wasn’t long enough and didn’t say enough to be worth it

  • Kyle_ashby

    This is the best way because it’s a gate way for him so come back.

  • Jippity

    I think he’s coming back for series 4. He’s doing a lot of other work at the moment, movies and he’s in the west end soon. He probably just doesn’t want to be type-cast.

  • axel

    Come on guys, it’s obvious…at some point he’ll be returning to Misfits…. let him do his movies etc first but I’m confirdent we’ll see him back with the Misfits crew eventually. :-)

  • Chriswade169

    misfits will not be the same without nathan he will be gratly missed i know its all written but it still wont be the same but i respect him even if he is leaving buta better sending off is wat he neede i think :)

  • Djmagicuk

    Did he get too big for his boots? Or did the production team let one of the main attractions of the show walk?
    Should they have done more to keep him? Or should he have stayed and grown with the show?
    Will he now miss out on something big and regret leaving?
    Will the show be the same again and keep pulling better ratings?

    I don’t know, I’ll give the new series ago and see if it keeps up the standards of the first two, but for me Nathen was the main reason I enjoyed the show so much and he gave the show the edge that made it so popular, I think the producers have lost a major piece of the shows core in not keeping Robert, I know as an actor he wants to do other things but I think the misfits bosses really should have pulled out the cheque book and signed him up for at least one more series and slowly brought in other characters to ease Nathen out, I will miss the wit and realism that Nathen brought to the show, as I said he was the main pull to the show for me and I don’t now if I will enjoy it the same now although I must admit I am quite excited to be honest in anticipation of the third season…
    Sorry to see you go Robert and I hope you will come back for future seasons, you played the character of Nathen brilliant and made the show as good as it was for the first two season..

    Also to point, a 8 minute web episode is shameful as a send off…..

    Anyway, lets hope the new series three is tasty

  • Jamesf

    its too short. don’t like it as the last ever experience of Nathan. hes the reason i watch this show too. dam, they should have kept it.

  • Romsky

    Noooooo It won’t be as good without nathan couldn’t they have got rid of kurtis?

  • Romsky

    Noooooo It won’t be as good without nathan couldn’t they have got rid of kurtis?

  • Blaine

    He left to do films, and what films has he started making? should’ve stayed.

    • hes been the main character in a very popular show called love/hate
      so thats something … yeah we miss him but theyve left it open for him to come back hes not dead like