• Timelordalex

    was really good couldn’t understand why all tv mags listed every episode 3*

  • FuturePredator

    Not as good as before, but it was alright. Last episode was probably the best.

  • Rex

    So is Connor going to cause the end of the world with Phillip?

  • Connorfan

    Disappointed there were no future predators!

  • Dan

    Is Danny gonna be back?

  • guest

    is becker dead

  • i bet phllip cwill be the one to tamper with the anomallys

  • Timelordalex

    is Phillip gonna kidnap Connor suming

  • I don’t think Helen was working WITH Phillip – she was investigating him. She mentions in the one of the earlier series that someone at the ARC causes the destruction of the world…and when Danny first mentions the link he says that Phillip’s name was all over her notebook. She already knew.

  • Can’t believe i have to wait til May for the new series, if anything i dont think they made enough episodes. I want more.

  • BeiJi

    I can’t believe this, but I’m actually really sad that Matt and Emily won’t be together. Duty, mission, blah blah blah. They made a fantastic couple and a great team.

  • BeiJi

    Will Emily EVER be back?

  • RyanMonty

    Pretty average series really.Jess and Emily were just awful characters, however Matt is a beacon of hope.Overall I think itts been the 3rd best Primeval series, it’s just come nowhere close to series 1 and 2.Still a clear cut better than the shambolic series 3.

  • Tommy

    It was okay but where were the future predators? I think they are the best and scariest creatures in the primeval series. I think they could of done ALOT better with this series. This series to me was a dissapointment, but I still think they can redeam the series. It all depends on series 5 for me. So, a 6 episode series 5. Here’s what I hope it contains:
    -The future predators and other original creatures
    -Better creatures than the ones in this series
    -and more travels through the anomaly’s

    And I hope that series 5 isn’t the last series of primeval. I think it still has another couple of series left in it.

  • Elliot

    i thought it was the best series yet, it was darker and the 3rd series they did 1 episode 2 many the 1 with the dracorex i thought that was terrible. i loved the new characters but really hope primeval will finish with a bang and bring back cutter and claudia. loved it

  • Gemmy

    Very, Very good but it seemed to be a bit short which ment there wasnt really anytime to put more into the plot, They could of done with some more episodes but over all just darn AWSOME. Wasnt sure on new characters Jess and Matt at first but now i really like them. Philp well Bad guy but not as much hatred as there was for Helen. I cant wait for next series!

  • Rosie

    As an avid Primeval fan, I was really disappointed with series 4. Connor and Abby were 2 of my favourite characters, but Abby was far too serious and no fun any more. 6 episodes wasn’t nearly enough and it will still cost a fortune to buy when the dvd comes out. I reckon that the predators were a bit scarce and there was no future creatures as well as no trips through the anomolies. Heres hoping series 5 proves to be better and Abby is a bit more lively.

  • Loui78

    I agree that abby was a little more serious but thats to be expected as far as her character goes, she’s been stuck for a yr in a very dangerous enviroment so it will take time to adjust. It’s such a pity that it was only 6 episodes but with it being off air maybe they wanted to get it back on screen without too much of a time delay.

    I think it’s still up in the air but maybe future predators were not shown because there was a connection to Helen and Cutter..who knows I’m sure we’ll find out. Overall, I thought the new cast were great esp Ciaran and they blended well with the established cast and I really enjoyed it. It also felt that the cgi was much better.

  • BeiJi

    I’m betting it turns out to be Connor, not Phillip, who ultimately causes the catastrophe.

  • Alex Morris Cool

    As a primeval fan I thought that the creatures in series 4 werent as good as series 3 so what are u gonna do to make series 5 better than the rest

  • Alex Morris Cool

    As a primeval fan I thought that the creatures in series 4 werent as good as series 3 so what are u gonna do to make series 5 better than the rest

  • Bookfreak123

    As I am a very very very BIG primeval fan i thought it was absolutely fabulous along with all the other series. I am allways looking up bits and i thought that this series had it all. i loved the moments with Becker and Jess, they are so cute I hope that there is plenty of them in series 5 and also I hope that they get together that would be awesome :D. I liked abby and conner cause although abby was more serious i think that it showed a different side to her and I like it, especially in the episode where it was Jenny’s wedding and he brought up about where he would like to get married to her lol that was funny :P. I also liked the character Matt and Emily they were good together but it is a shame that she went home i hope she will return. i can’t wait for series 5, I heard that it was the last one :( please don’t be (but i suppose they can’t go on forever, wish i could though). one fault not enough episodes, i know that it was expensive and took like ten week for one episode but if we knew that there was a series comin out the we could and would wait longer for it. loved it and i love the ceator for thinking of the idea. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • wolf

    i am a primeval fan, it was brilliant but nowhere as good as the other series because Cutter wasnt in it and didnt feel the same. but really glad it came back on for another 2 series cos there were still loads of anwers to be told like how will Corner, Abi and Danny return back home, is Cutter realy dead which now i know he his and now there are more answers for us to be revealed in the last series…please dont finish, no it wasnt as good as the others but it still enjoyable to watch and thrilling. no there isnt enough eppisodes, should put another 4 or 5 in at least…oh well HURRY UP SERIES 5!!!!

  • anniemouse

    Love the show. Was so glad to see it back. Very disappointed in the Abby/Connor story line. They seemed more like a couple in Series 3. There didn’t seem to be as much connection between them. I remember when she was lost in series 3, he was mental with fear and grief. When he thought the worm had eaten her, he still had presence of mind to consider the bismuth and acid in the cave. Didn’t seem like what someone would do if they were sure the person they loved most in the world. I understand what the writers are trying to do, but I think they are shortchanging those of us that have watch for the last several years and waiting for the Abby/Connor storyline to come around. Seemed like episode 1 & 2 were the entire happy and i love you part of the series. Ok, now off my soapbox.

  • Doekedobma

    primevel could have an onertherlasties in primevel that is kind of late jurassic period raptor
    it is as big as a viloceraptor but looks nothing like one but ifthis creature comes onthe loose
    the team have a deadly creature to face

  • Doeked

    i love primevel its the best tv show ever but the only that i disagree is that the new ruel
    you are not aloud throug the anomoly

  • omg, i couldn’t believe it a few yearts ago when they decided to cancel the show! i’m sooooooooooo glad it’s back, couldn’t survive saturday nights with out it! i disagree with anyone who says they are disappointed in anything, seeing as the producers and actors have put in so much hard work to make series 4 JUST AS AMAZING as the 3 before it.
    PRIMEVAL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just adore Primeval. The characters and monsters are all so unique and amazing