• Nice review. I haven’t seen this yet. Would you suggest, knowing me as you do, that I did?

    • Thanks for the comment, David. I didn’t think anyone would! I’m also glad that you commented because it is such a rare and wonderful thing to happen.

      I’d suggest you watch it because although some of the jokes fall flat, it’s an interesting set-up and some of the performers are good. (It’s a bit weird because it’s basically Nurse Redfern, Luke Rattigan and Kahler-Jex all in the one room)

      I really don’t like this review, I think it’s very poor quality and I’ll try and improve for next week’s episode.

      Whatever happened to your review of this week’s Frankie?

      • I will. And the review was very good.

        I was in Spain. I watched it when I came back but there wasn’t much to say so I’m doing a double-review.

        • It’s on the slightly awkward BBC Four but you’ll find it.

          It wasn’t good, not in my eyes.

          I haven’t watched Frankie but it seems interesting. How long were you in Spain for?

          • Four days. Not long.

            Actually, what you were saying about the Who actors – it’s the same for Frankie. Picture Gwen Cooper, Kate Stewart and William Shakespeare in the same room, making Doctor Who references together. Yeah, strange.

          • I honestly do that when I watch a programme.

            I’m like:


          • It doesn’t help in Frankie when they’re making references right, left and centre and when Eve plays exactly the same character.

  • I’ve not visited Cultfix these last few days, so I missed this when it went up (along with your Doctor Who DVD review).

    I think it’s very poor quality and I’ll try and improve for next week’s episode.

    It’s not, honest. It’s a really good review. I don’t know if the cause of you feeling this is the same as it was with me, as I felt most of the Peep Show reviews I wrote were a bit s***. I think it’s just because comedy is the hardest genre to assess objectively. I always found that elaborating beyond saying it was funny or not, without stuffing the review full of worthless words just to pad it out to a reasonable length, extremely difficult. But I think you’ve done a much better job of that with this than I managed with PS. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks James for both comments, I really appreciate it.

      I’ve read a few of your Peep Show reviews but not watched the show. Comedy is a much harder genre to review. I thoroughly agree.

      Thanks again, and I look forward to your reviews of Mad Dogs.