• PK-S.

    This has been a thoroughly enjoyable series, Jordan. You’ve turned your keen film student’s eye to look at an abhorred series and come to the conclusion that it is indeed appalling.

    So I take it you won’t be looking at the first and second part of Breaking Dawn?

    And one nitpick – you referred to Melissa Rosenberg by her first name and sorry to pick at minor details but you really should have either said “Rosenberg” or “Melissa Rosenberg” but not by her forename; it’s too personal.

    • Thanks. I understand what you’re saying on that last point, I’ll try to confine the first names of cast and crew to jokes or witty statements in future.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      Yeah talk about nitpick… Can I just ask why are you always critiquing the other writers and acting like people’s superior? I often see you on this site or Doctor Who TV and you are either criticising others or coming across as patronising. I’ve read your articles and they aren’t faultless you know.

      • PK-S.

        Because I’d rather not say something was amazing if I thought it wasn’t. My articles are far from faultless, I grant you – what I gave to Jordan was advice.

        When you’re writing a critical/analytical piece then you should refer to cast/crew by their surname not their forename. It’s just a tip for him to help improve his writing.

  • The first instalment of this should have read as follows: ‘Yes. Yes, it does.’ It would have saved a lot of time and effort.

    In all seriousness, well done. These Twilight articles have been some of my favourites to read over the last few weeks. Impeccable stuff. I’m a wee bit sad that this is the final one, to be honest, but I completely sympathise with you not wanting to/seeing the point in carrying on with them.

    On your point about Kristen Stewart, I heard from someone who detests anything Twilight that she is rather good in a film called, Into the Wild. It’s no surprise to me that this godawful series of films would bring out the worst in otherwise competent actors and actresses.

    • It really would have saved me a great deal of time. I don’t suppose you’ve seen an indy film called “How to Be”? I think it’s Robert Pattinson’s finest role to date. He plays a young man with depression I think? He’s quite humerous in the role, but also sort of sweet in his naivety and innocence.

      • No, I haven’t seen it (is it good?). But then again, I didn’t have a single issue with Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which is the only other role of his I’ve seen). He had Cederic Diggory down to a tee.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Why not do a final article comprising both films?I’ve enjoyed reading these.

    • Well, he sort of explained why in the article. If the series was just a retrospective look at the Twilight series, then there would be every reason for him to finish where the films themselves did. But the feature is titled, Twilight: Does it really suck?, and at this point he’s already reached a firm conclusion to that question, so there’d be very little point in him taking it any further. It’s a shame, as like you I’d very much love to read some more of it, but I can fully understand why he’s felt the need to end it here.

  • *Standing ovation*

    Bravo, Jordan! Fantastic conclusion to your immensely enjoyable series! I must commend you for putting up with these atrocious films (Seriously you deserve a medal! XD…), and I am very satisfied with your conclusion, I agree with you whole-heartedly! Twilight does indeed suck!

    So let us lock these films (and the books of course) into the abyss where they shall never see the light of day again; because quite frankly they are an insult to the film making industry!

    Well done again, Jordan! :)

  • ThePowerofNine

    I think it did so well because these ‘hopeless romantics’ went to see it 4-5 times in the cinema XD

    • You’re damn right they did!