• Gustaff

    Yes. Yes it does suck. I believe it has turned vampires into a joke. Only vampire stuff I can stomach are Hellsing and Van Hellsing. Maybe Underworld.

    • Van Helsing! Classic.

      • Gustaff

        It’s fairly old, from a relative POV, but is still great. Hugh Jackson before he was Wolverine. What about you?

        • The Administrator is Merlin

          Err technically he was already Wolverine when Van Helsing was released. It was released after X-Men and X-Men 2. But it’s still a great film.

  • Excellent article Jordan! It’s wonderfully written and a very detailed analysis! I think it’s safe to say Twilight does indeed suck :’)

  • Guest

    Good article.

    Although that girl never fancied Bella, she went out with Mike or someone like that.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I know that

  • SkyFaller™


    I’m sure if we saw a video titled that…we’d see the writer taking a sh*t on a blank piece of paper and handing it in.

    Great article