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Transformers 4: Michael Bay Brings Extinction

The poster and the title for the fourth Transformers film has been unveiled.

The fourth in the increasingly panned, yet incredibly successful franchise will be sub-titled: Age of Extinction.

Michael Bay will once again will directing, and no doubt bringing lots of unnecessary explosions. We’re also promised Dinobots this time, whose name is pretty self-explanatory.

Mark Walhberg is the new lead, playing Cade, “a single father and struggling inventor.”

It’s released summer 2014.


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  • doctorforpresident

    YES *.*

  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    Aaahh I love a bit of unnecessary explosions!

  • CommonPatrickTroughton

    Anyone else read this as
    “Transformers 4: Michael Bay Brings Explosion”

  • I am the DOCTOR

    Not the biggest fan of Transformers, but the Hasbro logo in the corner destroys all of the effect of decency.


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