• The no 1 moment is probably my favourite moment from any movie ever made!

    • EmpathDigital

      It was awesome, wasn’t it?

  • Gustaff

    No way Inhuman Sue Skye is higher than Flash vs Arrow. That scuffle between them was, as you said movie quality stuff. I’d put that at the very top or at least second.

    1) Flash vs Reverse Flash
    2) Flash vs Arrow
    3) Cap vs Winter Soldier
    4) Guardians Prison Break scene
    5) Spider-Man vs Electro

    • EmpathDigital

      It’s all a matter of opinion, for me the Inhumans reveal was an incredible moment of potential becoming reality, and in general I find big dramatic revelations like that very emotionally cathartic. The Flash vs Arrow fight was a really fantastic moment of television, but I was going for moments that I felt an emotional connection to over the past year, and those last few minutes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. just grabbed me more than Flash vs Arrow.

      It’s the same reason I included the climactic scene of Guardians instead of the prison break scene, which I would say is probably a better scene on the whole. But the climax sticks with me, and that’s why it’s up at number one.

      • Gustaff

        See what you mean with the Guardians thing. Agree.

        Although if we’re talking potential, the Wells reveal at the end of Man In Yellow Suit I think might also qualify as a goodie. Though I’m probably biased.

  • notsosmartguy

    I definitely agree with your choices though I would’ve included Flash vs Reverse Flash instead of Flash vs Arrow.

    • EmpathDigital

      I’m aware that Flash vs Reverse Flash was a big moment this year, but I confess that I haven’t yet watched all of The Flash so I wasn’t as emotionally invested in that fight as I was in Flash vs Arrow. While I agree that it was a more visually spectacular fight, it just didn’t resonate with me in the same way as seeing Barry and Oliver duke it out.

      And I totally agree about Zola, Marvel are very good at dropping in smart little references to the more ridiculous elements of the comic books without necessarily devaluing them.

  • The Exploding TARDIS

    1) The Guardians take control of the prison – Guardians of the Galaxy

    2) Tunneling through some deep $#!+ – Rocket Raccoon #1

    3) Howard the Duck – Guardians of the Galaxy

    4) James Gordon pledges to find Bruce’s parents’ killer – Gotham

    5) The new Thor rises! – THOR #1