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Top 5 Greatest Horror Movies – Cult Fix
  • ThePowerofGhostface

    Now, I’ve seen the top 4 of these (In fact, I’m watching ‘IT’ tonight), and I can honestly say you’ve done a cracking job in listing these, and describing exactly what is brilliant about them. I’d have replaced 5 with ‘Scream’ (Yes, I know I haven’t seen ‘It’, but Scream is such a good film! XD That might change after I’ve seen It though :-P), but I honestly have no proper complaints on this article. Well done, good work James!

    (P.S, did you know that Stephen King didn’t like film adaption of The Shining? o_O I can’t see why…)

    • A Slitheen on Mars

      Have you seen the mini-series which King wrote? It wasn’t too great.

    • gwbutler94

      Because it is far cleverer than his novel.

  • MrJimiTheFish

    I never liked horror movies, yet I’ve seen 3 out of 5. And heard a great deal about the others. Great choice!

  • I’m really not into the horror genre at all, but I have seen all of the above. I must say this is really fantastic well written article. Well done :)

  • TheTimeTraveller is the Doctor

    Brilliant don’t know if i saw any of those films but it’s very brilliant article well done :)

  • Christopher Chant

    I passed out when we watched number 4 at school. I despise horror. It is just so messed up. Who could make such a thing?

    Sorry, your article is well written, it really is, so good job, and thanks, now I know 5 films I must avoid at all costs! =P

    • ThePowerofGhostface

      They made you watch Halloween in school? o_o Isn’t that illegal? XD

      • Christopher Chant

        I don’t know, but it was not a nice experience. Just give me the Silence and Weeping Angels please.

        • ThePowerofGhostface

          Well, seen as you said ‘school’, you were under 18, and Halloween is an 18, so the teacher who showed it too you could have lost his/her job o_o

          • Christopher Chant

            I think I was 14 or 15.

          • ThePowerofGhostface

            That’s still under 18, and seen as it pretty much traumatized you for quite a long time, you or your parents really should have complained…

            But still, too late now XD

  • The Oncoming St. Jude

    Honestly, the only one of these I’ve seen is The Shining. And I agree with every word.

    • TARDIS44

      That makes two of us :) And The Shining scared the living **** out of me!

  • Great list, James. I watched The Shining and The Exorcist as a very young child, and I was traumatised for months afterwards. So I can definitely vouch for these two deserving the ranking you’ve given them.

    It’s vague, but the thing from The Shining that scared me the most was the scene in the bathroom, with the…woman. Y’know, she was all, sort of…yeah. I had nightmares about that for ages. And after seeing The Exorcist, I had to sleep with the lights on for a couple of years, and most nights, couldn’t sleep at all for thinking I would be possessed. I’ve watched them both since, and though some of the scenes that terrified me as a youngster no longer do (in fact, the films themselves don’t really scare me anymore), I still recall the childhood fear just the same.

    I haven’t seen Alien (I’ve never been a fan of the franchise), Halloween (I hate slasher horrors; I find them monotonous), or IT (a friend put it on once, but we weren’t paying attention). But, yeah, those first two…horrible childhood memories.

  • A Slitheen on Mars

    Nice list mate.
    Mine would be:
    05. Scream
    A terrific and nerve-shredding horror film experience combined with black comedy and romance makes for a superb watch.
    04. Halloween
    An iconic and somehow magical film with a brilliant theme tune. I preferred parts of the remake and parts of the original.
    03. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    Iconic. Great theme. Awesome antagonist.
    02. SE7EN
    Maybe not your conventional horror, but this film has enough horrific moments in it to stand up against the rest of these iconic scary movies.
    01. Silence of the Lambs
    The best horror film in history, in my opinion. A blend of crime, horror, romance and psychological thrills, this won 5 Oscars back in 1991. A wonderful story, some Oscar-winning performances, wonderful sets and a haunting score from James Horner.