• Excellent choices, James (it feels weird referring to someone else as James), and brilliantly written. I’d rearrange this a bit if it were my own list, omit “The Impossible Astronaut”, and include “The God Complex” in its place, but I’m pretty much in complete agreement here. Well done!

  • McMoffat

    Very Good choices and a fantastic article, well done =)

  • Fantastic article, NightRises! Well done! :D

  • Calebxy

    You didn’t like the climax of Day of the Moon? I thought it was utterly brilliant! In my opinion, it’s one of the best, and cleverest, climaxes ever in Doctor Who.

    • And it had one of the best and most shocking cliff-hangers ever!

  • The Cogitator

    Fantastic Article! Agree with 1st place especially.

  • I love that you included Utopia :D

  • K.9

    meh nothing like my list, utopia not far off though

  • lp229

    A wonderfully written article, James. My list would be quite different, but I join you in praising ‘The Waters of Mars’. It was definately the best of the 10th Doctor’s final run.