• Great review, James. A bit short, but concise. I’m immensely looking forward to seeing this and I surmise that I too will find it enjoyable. I doesn’t even matter if isn’t better than Hot Fuzz as that was comedy at its finest which is strenuous to replicate.

    • gwbutler94

      Shaun of the Dead is easily the best one.

      • Whovian Down Under

        Shaun of the dead is best, and perhaps the one that will most likely go down in history as a ‘classic’, but Hot Fuzz is a work of art and, in my opinion, perhaps even funnier than its predecessor.

  • gwbutler94

    I don’t really see enough to justify taking two points off, to be honest; 9/10 would’ve been more appropriate. Still, nice review overall.

    • Really? I was surprised that James even gave it an eight considering the first 30 minutes were bland and the movie was predictable on occasion. In my opinion, that could warrant an even lesser score than what James has given.

      • gwbutler94

        Most critics agree that the beginning is very stylishly done, as do I, so I don’t really know where he’s coming from, to be honest.

        The end, however, was rather uninspired.

  • ClaraTheGalvatron

    Is anyone reviewing Aplha Papa?

  • Yoshfiction

    Great review! Thanks! =)
    I will definitely be watching this movie at some point!