• Mark M

    Great Review. But I have to disagree a little, I thought it was one of the best episodes the show has produced not to feature the Governor. For me it was an almost perfect mid season finale.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve spoken to people who really enjoyed the ep and I understand it’s been pretty divisive – so I can see where you’re coming from. For me, for a mid-season finale, it didn’t feel much like it apart from the final 15 minutes (and the church scenes), so that was a tad disappointing for me. Still enjoyed it though, and it’s hard to complain considering how strong this season’s been so far overall.

  • I feel I’m one of the few who actually doesn’t like watching The Walking Dead that much. It used to be good in my eyes, the peak of its power being Series Three but now I just find it’s absolutely dull again (like with Season Two). The pacing annoys me along with the characters. Most of the characters are uninteresting in my eyes and even Daryl “the bada**” has become boring. I find the dull stuff is dragged out for way too long and the exciting stuff is brushed over far too quickly. My prime examples being the Governor return and his settlement with Rick along with the truth behind Terminus. I’d rather they’d been dragged out and explored in great detail then to spend half a season watching the characters being separated or spend episodes at the hospital where the plot nearly put me to sleep and the characters weren’t at all interesting.
    So to no surprise this mid-season finale was nothing special and left me again disappointed with the show. The only highlights were Rick finally being a killer again and the slight shock value of Beth getting her brains blown out. But overall it was unsatisfying for a mid-season finale and I really don’t know what else the show can give because it seems to be steadily falling out of ideas now. To me, it needs a direction and a purpose, like it did in Season Three and the first half of Four, and fast. This season has so far gone nowhere, making it pointless.