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The Walking Dead: 404 “Indifference” Review


Reviewed by Rich Jepson.

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was another solid episode that keeps the season moving in the right direction and had plenty in its content to keep us intrigued, entertained and brought up a lot of questions as to what happens next.

It seems no TWD season is complete without a stand alone ‘outing’ for some of the group. Although some viewers may find this a little dry or tedious, I think they tend to serve a key part in the show and always throw up some interesting angles on it’s characters. In season 2 we had the brilliant ‘18 Miles Out’ which saw Rick and Shane come to blows in a parking lot and last season we had another similar format with ‘Clear’. Fans will recall the 3rd season’s outing, which saw Rick, Michonne and Carl fight their way through a bunch of Home Alone-esk traps set by a delusional Morgan. This was vital in developing Michonne’s character further and also giving us more insight into Carl’s behaviour.

Tonight’s episode had a similar feel, partly because the same director helmed it as ‘Clear’ (Tricia Brock), but more so in the fact that it isolated Rick with a single member of the group who posed some sort of threat. Who’d have thought that this time it would be Carol going out on a one-on-one and how many people would’ve guessed that unlike Shane & Michonne she wouldn’t be coming back?

The truth is that Rick didn’t really have any other choice than to tell her to leave. Her actions, as cruelly good-willed as she explained them to be, were irreversible and suddenly brought to light just how much this person has changed. Carol has suffered like almost anyone else has (more so in the fact that she lost Sofia) but now that she’s finally built up her strength, she’s built it over any aspect of her old personality.

Looking at her reaction to the limbless tattooed leg of Ana, there wasn’t a moment of sadness behind her eyes. Rick knows more than most what it’s like to lose a loved one and even he felt something for a girl he barely knew. He’s been down the path of no sorrow, no remorse and no regret and it nearly killed him. Regardless of Carol’s murders, there was no way Rick could see a way back for her and therefore no choice but to part ways.

Across town we had another ‘outing’ with an unusual array of members. For me I particularly enjoyed the variation in dynamics here between all four characters, there was a clear theme running through their mission about ‘letting go’. Tyreese’s fury, Michonne’s quest to find the Governor and Bob’s alcoholism, were all in need of separation from their host.

So another well written ‘road trip’ edition of the show is in the bag and with it two key questions have arisen about Carol’s separation from the group. One, how will Daryl and Tyreese react? Assuming Rick will play it straight and not lie about his decision of course. And, more importantly, two – did Rick make the right decision?


Scene of the Episode: Separation – As Carol put it “you can be a farmer, you can’t just be a farmer”, how ironic that Rick’s first decision whilst back in Ricktator form was to kick her out of the group.

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