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The Walking Dead: 402 “Infected” Review


Reviewed by Rich Jepson.

In what was another unsettling yet satisfying episode of The Walking Dead we witnessed a heap of characters finding out the true nature of the world they now belong to. For most, the realities of this world have been all too stark but for some of the new prison inhabitants this was left knocking on their cell door, after the death of Nick.

I get the sense that this internal attack and with the new presence of a swine-flu virus we are going to see the Woodbury survivors drastically reduce in numbers. In a way, bringing them in at the end of season 3 meant that we could pick up a handful of potentially significant characters in the group and have enough zombie-fodder to allow a variety of attacks (or infections) on the prison. This way the series can address a common complaint in season 2, a lack of real walker action, and allow the main list of characters to continually develop without having to constantly put them through battles that they have to win to keep the story thriving,

Michonne’s character in particular is really developing in season 4 and about time too. She’s no longer the sulking muted, anger filled warrior that she was during the majority of season 3. We’re seeing more and more of her human side as she gently relaxes her defenses and lets the group, mainly Carl, in. There was a troubling hint to what may have caused her internal suffering when she held Judith. If she is a parent who’s lost a child during these dark times then you have to applaud her courage and determination in carrying on with life to this stage.

It’s striking that Rick clearly was faced with a moment that echoed this pain when he had to put down an infant that had clearly turned, leaving only it’s mother to carry her lifeless body through the yard and past the on-looking Michonne. The morality of this world is constantly showcased and pays a lot of respect to the comics, which was never afraid to demonstrate just how cruel a world this now is.

Carl is also progressing into a real force within the group and the actor is maturing nicely through the show.  He’s still trying to emulate his father and has swapped his sheriff’s hat for a farmers’ tan but there is no way this cherade of a simple father and son towing to their chores can go on forever. Rick will be forced to lead again and when the Governor comes a knocking, which he will by the mid-season break I’d guess, then he needs to be ready and in command.

walking-dead-402bThe final few moments showing Tyreese’s horrific discovery were brilliant. This plus the fact that the group know someone has been luring the walkers to the fence with dead rats is going to send the group on a manhunt for the perpetrator. The only real obvious choice from a viewers’ stance is the young girl Lizzy who clearly sees the walkers as a misguided pet, doubtful that she had anything to do with the burning of the bodies though.


Scene of the Episode: “Burnt” – Tyreese’s face displayed the levels of horror that must have encompassed him in these few moments.


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