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The Tomorrow People: 114 “Brother’s Keeper” Review


Reviewed by Mark McCullough.

I think it’s safe to say that last week’s outing was a game-changer. Stephen’s Mother is a Tomorrow Person! Wow! I can’t say I seen that one coming.  Within ten minutes of the closing credits last week, I had already formulated a few ideas about what this revelation would mean for the show. Stephen’s destiny to be the most powerful Tomorrow Person and to lead them to Limbo makes a lot more sense with him established as a synergist (remember that idea being introduced last week too). What does this mean for Luca, could his problem be more than just drugs, genetics would certainly indicate so. What is obvious is that the focus on Stephen’s family is now more intense than ever. Coupled with this we have the struggles of the Tomorrow People, John’s unfortunate situation, Astrid’s attempted assassination and whatever is going on with Jedikiah. After what seems like a very long week, this episode looks set to be a treat.

It is evident from the tone within the opening section of the episode that the show has adopted a darker one. A common theme between the different story stands appears to be conflict and resolution whilst the audience is also reminded that actions have consequence.

Stephen’s relationship with his mother is put under strain following last week’s revelation. Cast your mind back to the early episodes of the series and you will find your source. Understandably Stephen is angry that his Mother kept such a secret from him and allowed him to think he was alone. We observe a shift in dynamic in the relationship as Stephen asserts his authority claiming he is the one who protects the family now whilst still maintaining faith in his Father. Thanks to John, Stephen’s Mother realises the importance of what Stephen does for both his families on a daily basis as the truth is revealed. Near the end of the episode, Stephen gets his Mother’s blessing to continue his work in a moving scene where she promises to always be his Mother.

Jedikiah makes Stephen an offer which he cannot refuse by using Stephen’s personal situation (with Astrid) as leverage. Having correctly predicted the Founder’s betrayal in the previous story, Jedikiah takes the opportunity to gain Stephen’s trust. This does not prevent him from ensuring that Stephen is aware that Astrid’s predicament is on him for revealing his powers to her. To convince Stephen he can trust him, Jedikiah shows a conversation between himself and Stephen’s father which shines a new light on the situation and leaves the viewer questioning what we know so far.

John and Cara’s situation becomes complicated when not all members of the Tomorrow People react well to Cara’s decision. It is evident that both Russell and Stephen disapprove. John is left having to live with Stephen, which complicates the situation within Stephen’s household further. John’s appearance in the Jameson home turns out to be a blessing in disguise as he is able to reduce the tension and help Stephen’s mother feel safe. Cara is not coping well with being in charge and has made some pretty awful decisions over the last few episodes, this week is no exception as we see her attempt something very much against everything the Tomorrow People stand for. John passes judgement on her actions refusing to accept her chance to put things right as he believes that she has other reasons for making such an offer.

Secondary to all the character developing stories, the narrative follows a kill squad first seen attacking someone assumed to be in witness protection by teleporting into the safe house. Initially suspecting a Tomorrow Person who can kill, both Stephen (with Ultra) and Cara (with the Tomorrow People) race to catch a gun-for-hire. Things take an unexpected twist when both parties find their man, simultaneously at opposite ends of the city. Confused? The explanation turns out to be relatively simple leaving Cara with the upper hand. Jedikiah sees the opportunity to further his research and is left devastated as the opportunity passes. Cara tries to utilise the situation to get a desired outcome but fails.

From Jedikiah’s reaction to the situation I became rather suspicious of his motives, given his own personal situation. Stephen then acts as a surrogate for these suspicions and presents them to Jedikiah who refutes them. However in the final scene of the episode, it is shown that Jedikiah is lying. The contents of said lie are major and will surely play a huge part in the remainder of the series.

Verdict 9/10

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but the show honestly is consistently great. Every week I find myself expecting that disappointing filler episode that most shows have at some point, however it is yet to come and I have been thoroughly impressed each week. The recipe for success here seems to be the large pool of extremely well developed characters that are easy to empathise with. The narrative style also works extremely effectively taking a larger story and adding something to it in each episode whilst also integrating the character moments too. This episode is no exception delivering exactly what was required after a game-changing outing like last week’s. This series has definitely become ‘must watch’ and probably one of the best things I have watched this year.

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  • PK-S

    While I haven’t followed this series myself, Mark, it’s heartening to see how each week you fall more and more in love with The Tomorrow People. And the quality of each review has gone from strength to strength!

    • Mark M

      Thank You =)

  • TheStranger

    I’ve been reading your weekly reviews, Mark, and they’ve been consistently excellent and entertaining to read (even if I haven’t been watching the series). Keep up the good work.

    • Mark M

      Thanks =)


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