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The Tomorrow People: 103 “Girl, Interrupted” Review


Reviewed by Mark McCullough.

This week’s episode of The Tomorrow People is quite a busy one. Within the first ten minutes, three distinct plotlines are established. Each of these are developed throughout the episode and are drawn together before the conclusion.

The opening scene occurs five years previously and features a deaf girl who ends up alone with a boy in car. Things take a turn for the worse resulting in him pinning her to the ground in what appeared to be attempted rape. She experiences a breakout and uses her new powers to defend herself; she also finds herself able to hear and is overwhelmed by the sounds. Later in the episode it is revealed that she accidently killed the boy by using her powers. She is arrested and placed in jail only to become very scared and teleports home to safety. Where she meets her father and tells him what has happened. What follows is one of the most heart-breaking scenes I have seen, the young girl is advised to leave and never come back if she wants to have a life. It is revealed that the young girl is Cara who shows Stephen via a flashback.

The episode then returns to the present with The Tomorrow People planning a break in at Ultra which would allow them to be one step ahead of Jedikiah in locating new breakouts. This proves a simple enough task for Stephen as is able to insert the flash drive under Cara’s guidance. At a vital moment Cara has an episode reducing her ability to help Stephen who has a run in with Jedikiah. It proves to have been all too easy as Ultra use the situation to lay a trap for the Tomorrow People. This results in Cara’s capture and places Stephen in an awkward situation. Jedikiah has discovered and the flash drive and is going to kill Cara. Stephen is able to think on his feet and offers Jedikiah an alternative option which would also hurt John. Offering to inject Cara himself affords him an opportunity to use his powers to allows Cara’s safe escape whilst still proving to Jedikiah that he can be trusted.

The final plot line to be established his whilst at a party Stephen overhears a fellow classmate thinking about suicide (using his telepathic powers). This proves to be a window into the morals of the characters, with Stephen believing that he should do all he can to help her. He is advised by both Cara and Jedikiah that it is not worth revealing the existence of the Tomorrow People over. Stephen and Astrid try to intervene by offering friendship to Emily under the false guise of over hearing her at a counselling session. They are quickly caught out and are unable to help. On the year anniversary of her sister’s death, Emily goes missing. She is about to kill herself and Stephen is adamant that he will not let that happen. Cara and John eventually agree to help him. Cara uses her past to help convince Emily that killing herself is not the best option. Afterwards, Stephen’s friend Astrid watches him teleport away and confronts him in the final scene of the episode.

Verdict 9.5/10

A fantastic episode which manages to draw its plot threads together very well. A darker tone with more serious issues raised (rape and suicide) sets this episode apart from the previous two episode. Bearing in mind that the original version of the show was a children’s show, it would appear that the writers are trying to get far away from this. The quality of the characters has been a real highlight of the series thus far. This episode is no exception, with some much needed development for Cara’s character. At the moment the stand out character is Jedikiah, he is an absolutely delightful villain: intelligent, ruthless, manipulative and imposing. The only negative so far is the character of Russell, who seems to exist only for humour and fight scenes, with his only notable contribution to this episode being an out of place sexual innuendo. In conclusion, a very intelligent enjoyable and engaging episode that sets up the rest of the series well.

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