• Clara Laurinda

    Thanks Mark! I will probably not see this anytime soon (I lie in Canada, without cable TV where I live) but I will keep a watch out for it. Sounds a BIT complicated plot-wise and not unfamiliar (echoes of Star Wars with the uncle reveal; a sense of Heroes–but then the original series predated at least Heroes), but the characters of Stephen sounds compelling! Thanks again.

    • mark27b

      Was screened in the US and in Canada on CTV in early October, this is a review as a result of the first UK transmission last night

  • mark27b

    Having watched the original with the musician from the band Flintlock and the early 90s revival with the actor from Neighbours this remake seems more like the movie Jumper with the actors from Billy Elliott and Star Wars 1-3 also Samuel L Jackson

  • I’ve seen some episodes here and then, and while there are parts that look great, some acting is a bit…wooden and cliched. Excellent review nonetheless Mark!