• I agree with everything you said in this review. The Dita scandal was handly poorly; the Bruce/Freya kiss was expected and far from unsurprising; Joe’s demise actually made me scoff (how awfully clichéd and just pathetic); the final ten minutes was rushed; the reveal that Freya was Prime Minister was obvious before the reveal (she sat in the PM’s chair); Noah and his father’s dysfunctional relationship never came to any conclusion and the brawl in the Westminster bar was inappropriate and just dumb. The writing may have been superlative but The Politician’s Husband flopped on its face.

  • Brilliant review, James. You have a true talent for reviewing and I look forward to see what you decide to cover next.

    As for this show – it’s too bad it came to such an inferior conclusion. If it ever airs here then I don’t think I’ll be giving it a watch.