• A great article, James but I felt there was more you could say about the episode (Aiden sexually assaulting Freya, Dita and the naked bathroom scene, Aiden piercing the diaphragm). Aside from that petty quibble, a wonderful review!

    • Thanks! Well, I mentioned Aiden’s sexual assault (noted as a primal move for dominance), but, you’re right, I probably should have given some mention to Dita’s proposition and the diaphragm scene. I’ll be sure to do so in next week’s review, when the bigger picture of both those moments will have taken shape, and hence provide me with more to talk about.

  • Harry Jewell

    What a brilliant article!

    • Thank you very much!

      • Harry Jewell

        David Tennant MUST be a great actor if he gets all of these shows to be in, Broadchurch now th Politician’s Husband, his profile will rise this November.