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The Politician’s Husband: Episode 1 Review – Cult Fix
  • Well, this was entirely unexpected, James. A nice surprise to wake up to!

    I was very close to asking Jamie if I could review this, funnily enough. I’m really glad I didn’t; you’ve done a brilliant job!

    I love your reviews – superb stuff!

    • Thanks, Pat! Really appreciate it.

      I only churned this out an hour or so after the episode finished on the off chance it would be featured, so I think I’ll spend a bit more time on next week’s, as there are a few areas I could have done a lot better with.

  • Great review.

    I loved this, and I had no idea that it was an adaptation. Deep, well-paced and incredibly watchable. 8/10.

    • Thanks, David.

      Yeah, it was a really good start. Tennant’s nailing yet another part (the guy is a fantastic actor, so it’s no surprise), and I’m really looking forward to how events in this episode escalate beween Aiden and Freya.

  • One brilliant David Tennant series ends, another starts, eh?

    That’s what I was thinking whilst watching this. It’s not the kind of thing I’d usually watch, but this is somewhat different. Very enjoyable. Well paced, and entertaining. A very well written review, James

    How many more episodes can we expect in this series?

    • Tell me about it. It’s a good start to the series and hopefully looks like getting even better going forward.

      Cheers for the compliments on the review. Sadly, there are only two episodes remaining.

  • Great review, James! I like the way you analysed the central characters so thouroughly and your writing felt very natural too. Keep up the good work and I’m pleased to see that you’ve found a likable show to review.

    I’m not intending on watching this drama in the near future, but it sounds really good. I’ve got my plate full with quite a lot of series that I’m intending to complete at the moment, but perhaps I’ll watch it at a later time if your reviews are favourable.

    • Thank you! As am I. It will be brief – it’s three episodes in total – but at least it’s something to compensate for The Following.

      Well, this first episode was the steady build up to what looks like being a really compelling piece of drama.

  • Harry Jewell

    Good Review. David Tennant seems to be getting lot of work recently.