• John Frobisher

    Looks good!
    And some more of Capaldi will make the waiting for Doctor Who series 8 a bit more bearable, I hope. :D

  • Calebxy

    Hmm… Doesn’t look as good as the 2011 movie.

    • Really? I found it to be a dreadful adaptation. Far too trite, cheesy and overblown.

      This on the other hand looks rather great. As long as it doesn’t squander the essential fun of these tales and opt for a constantly brooding tone like the trailer suggests.

      • Calebxy

        It may have been all those things, but I thought it was immensely entertaining. XD It’s one of my favourite films.

        • Fair enough XD I do hope this show carries the sense of thrill and fun of the film though, but with a heavy focus on drama too.