• Joel Mole

    Oh no he’s getting the Torchwood Syndrome

    • Steve Willis

      Lets hope it goes Game of Thrones and not Torchwood.

  • PK-S

    50 Shades of The Musketeers

  • Steve Willis

    I think the violence is needed more. I didn’t feel like there were any physical threat at any point. I mean supporting characters or extras got bumped every now and then, but it felt clean. Perhaps seeing body water might help ground the setting more.

    I don’t know why it needs more sex though. I didn’t watch Musketeers for the sex, or will I watch it now for the sex.
    Game of Thrones I think gets away with sex and nudity because it’s established from the start that brothels and shagging is quite, normal for that world.

    Musketeers comes across as a world you “sleep with people” but you wouldn’t “F” them.

  • Calebxy

    Oh, lovely.