• Joel Mole

    Yay he chose Doctor Who!

  • ClassicWhovian

    I worry that this may be a mistake-The Musketeers may work better as a ‘one-hit wonder’ -however, I hope I am proved wrong!

    • The Grey Ghost

      Indeed, I worry that if it continues for too long, it will end up going the same way as Robin Hood did.

  • The Eternal

    I was kinda expecting Capaldi to not return after the first series, I was thinking he will probably be killed off.

  • Ben Roberts

    I wonder if this means he’s doing more than the rumored one series of DW?

  • Dawn Harvey

    Looks like Peter will be doing at least 2 series of DW then Great

  • I was only saying the other day that should there be another series of The Musketeer’s that Peter Capaldi probably wouldn’t be returning due to commitments on Doctor Who. Chances are when he signed up for the role of the villain in The Musketeer’s it was still in debate whether or not he was going to be the Doctor. So I’m interested to find out what will become of his character. I’m kind of hoping his character is killed off at the end of Series One because I won’t be able to see another actor taking over the part. Capaldi is a brilliant actor and would be too hard to replace.