• Cyruptsaram

    An honourable beginning!

  • TardisBoy

    I thought it was a very good, first episode. It was slow and dull to start with and I wasn’t finding myself becoming emotionally invested in d’Artagnan’s story. However as the episode progressed I found it to become more enjoyable and I got more and more into it. The writing was great, as was the direction. The acting was brilliant but the true highlight of the episode was Peter Capaldi who obviously relished playing such a vindictive and evil character.

    Overall it wasn’t an “amazing” episode, but it certainly got the series off to a good start! I’d give it around 3/5.

    • ShalkaDoctor

      I think it was a bit confusing at first because they had imposter Musketeers before we’ve even had time to really know the real Musketeers. But I agree, I started to like it more and more as it went on and familiarise myself with the characters. I will be watching it all just for Capaldi though as he was great!

  • ShalkaDoctor

    4/5 just for Capaldi! Even if I didn’t like the Musketeers I would have watched for him, but this was a solid opener and I found the Musketeers a pretty likeable bunch, with decent acting from the main cast (take note Atlantis).

  • Steve Willis

    My mum’s review was “Those aren’t nice images” when she walked into my room as I was watching a fight scene on my laptop (with head phones).

    I enjoyed it. I want to see more.

  • sontaran17

    Very good start! 4/5

  • WHOturnedoutthelights

    It was great! Though it’s a bit worrying I already can’t understand who’s dead or not…

  • Dawn Harvey

    Not bad did not make me go WOW like Sherlock, a bit predictable. Looks very good costumes etc, and good acting.

  • ClassicWhovian

    I’d give it a 3, but the amazing music pushes it up to a 4 for me!