• ShalkaDoctor

    This is really disappointing news. I hate off screen deaths. It’s lazy. Especially how series 1 ended with no proper exit for him. Surely he could have come back for one little scene? Or been locked up or something.

    • Djornad

      Except it’s not lazy. He’s dedicated all his time to Doctor Who. He’s knee deep in it at the moment.

      • ShalkaDoctor

        Once again you are jumping to conclusions. Did I actually say Capaldi was lazy? No.

        Just having a scene with the Musketeers going “Oh he died!” is plain lazy writing. You could have had one where he was shot or something. Or why even kill him? Have him away on business, or locked up. At least then if Capaldi left Doctor Who or somehow found time, he could have perhaps filmed a proper exit.

        • YellowEternal

          If the death is off screen, then its possible that nothing is certain…

  • A Seventh Doctor on Mars

    He’s probably return though if the series goes on long enough…

  • Will

    Quite simply… why didn’t they just kill him off in the Series 1 finale?
    He found out he was the new Doctor whilst filming so with a few re-writes, the Cardinal could’ve easily been killed off for arranging the assassination of the Queen in the final episode.
    I hate off-screen deaths.
    It’s so unsatisfactory.