• YellowEternal

    Another excellent review Lewis. I have enjoyed reading all the reviews, and tend to agree with you on most points. I also enjoyed the finale and am interested to see which direction the show will move in for series 2.

  • David Selby

    I’ve enjoyed these reviews, Lewis. And I’ve enjoyed the series too. Well done.

  • Mark M

    Another wonderful review Lewis. I’ve been reading all your reviews despite not watching the show itself after the fourth episode. I just watched the finale to see how it ended. I agree with you it was fantastic. I’m now planning on watching the episodes I have missed.

  • Steve Willis

    It’s refreshing to see a finale for a series that satisfyingly ties up most of the series’ arc/themes but allows room for future developments.

    I think all series finale episodes have to have closure because you never know for sure if the series will be renewed (Heroes suffered from its last ever episode not having closure).

    One small criticism is how the fire fight at the end was shot. The Musketeers shot at things off-screen and random extras would “die”. There was a disconnect between the shots fired and the shots landing. It felt like the musketeers weren’t really in any peril. I know they technically have “main character immunity”, but there was little tension. The only tension was whether Constance would die or not.

    • The Eternal

      Torchwood Miracle Day comes to mind about closure

      • Steve Willis

        I felt Miracle both did and didn’t have closure.

        It had closure via killing off two main characters. But also didn’t but obnoxiously leaving it wide-open for the future. I guess those families will be trolling the world for years to come in my head-canon.