• YellowEternal

    Strange. I really liked this one. It drew me into the story better than any of the first three (not that they were bad, I just felt this one always seemed to have more going on).

    • The Eternal

      I agree with you, I don’t think it quite lived up to last week but certainly still a strong episode, I don’t think it’s been the worst.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    I’ve agreed with most of the reviews for this show so far, but I think you are being very, very harsh here. This was another great episode. In fact for me it was as good if not better than last week’s. I found the background to Aramis and the slaughtered Musketeers very interesting. The manoeuvrings to cover up the act due to the political ramifications made for tense viewing especially when they were about to discover the prisoner.

    • The Administrator

      I don’t feel I’m being harsh. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the previous ones and on reflection, I found I didn’t like it.

  • Steve Willis

    It’s the weakest episode so far. It started on a good start with the excitement, but then it sort of meandered a bit in the middle. Near the end it got good again.
    The meanderyness in the middle was the problem.

    There was also a lot of punching. It was quite funny really; funny because it was a lot.

    Maybe if we see it as a “seed-planting” episode it might be perceived as being better. It is possible to have amazing episodes that plant seeds, but you need seeds to be planted to get the harvest in the future. Besides, you often use manure to fertilize the seeds (I don’t seriously consider the episode manure. It was just an analogy that amused me).