• David Havers

    Sorry have to disagree with this review 9 out of 10 for me

  • TARDIS44

    I have to ask, is everyone else getting into this?
    I’m avid watcher of most BBC drama, and I’m really trying to get my head around this, but I’m just not getting there.
    Is it over complicated/badly written or am I just watching the wrong thing?

    • The Administrator

      It’s possible it’s just not for you. Some shows are like that.

      • Steve Willis

        I think so too.
        I personally cannot get into Sherlock or The Walking Dead.

    • I would say it’s the opposite for me – I hardly get into any BBC dramas, but I’m really enjoying The Musketeers. By any chance, did you enjoy Atlantis? I watched the first few episodes of that, but found it quite dull.

      • TARDIS44

        Surprisingly not, Atlantis was hard for me too, I couldn’t really enjoy the plot

        • Yeah, just dull – but then again, as I say, I don’t watch enough BBC drama, so it could be really good in comparison. My attention span has been damaged by Doctor Who!

  • Steve Willis

    Since I enjoyed the “Magician” metaphors in this episode, I perceived it as a higher score (and better than last week’s episode).
    The villain is sort of liked. I appreciated his smartness. He wasn’t cocky or annoying. He was a smart human who was doing bad things.

    I’m concerned about the tone towards the female characters (this is my inner feminist typing). But then again, this time period wasn’t exactly Sexual Equality Land. Perhaps we need a Norse Drama series for that to happen.

    It’s nice that “that woman’s husband” is a controltwat. It makes me feel less cringey at the thought of a Love Triangle involving a married woman.

  • mark27b

    Enjoying this more than Atlantis but have always liked the three Richard Lester Three/Four/Return Musketeer movies.

    The main question to answer while the episodes are airing is whether Peter Capaldi will be in season 2 or if the character will feature less or be recast.