• BadWolf 2

    I thought it was great

    • HAL likes aardvarks

      Please tell me how you watched it!! I thought you were an Aussie.

      • sontaran17

        On the line!! iPlayer of course! Thats how i did

      • BadWolf 2

        its a secret

  • sontaran17

    Absolutley loved it! Cant wait for the rest of the series!

  • Was a pretty solid opening episode, I’m interested in seeing where things will go. This series has a lot of potential!

    P.S. Didn’t know how good a phrase “oozes menace” was until I read this review. Apparently, to become a good villain you have to be very porous ;)

  • Is this a spoiler free review? I’ve not watched the episode yet.

    • Jarditvoretollperidanahv

      Yes, at least I didn’t feel spoiled.

  • WHOturnedoutthelights

    Somehow I worked out it was Murray Gold’s music halfway through. Quite happy to see he’s not ‘typecast’ as the Doctor Who composer (And he can’t even take credit for DW’s theme tune!) and doig something a little different. That opening title was wonderful, unlike, say, Agents Of Shield, and Pete Cap was great. Shame he can’t keep the moustache and goatee on Doctor Who.

    • The Eternal

      The same with me! I was so supprised and happy when i found out i was right… Love murrays music

  • The Administrator

    You are aware this is based on a novel written in 1844? It is going to be very cliche.