• The Administrator is Merlin

    I saw this in America and loved it! It was great fun and hilarious! If you go in expecting a fun action movie you won’t be disappointed. I really enjoyed this film, I recommend you see it and form your own opinion.

    • http://cultfix.co.uk/da-vincis-demons-103-the-prisoner-review-22559.htm EternalDoctor

      Even if I don’t look at critically then I wouldn’t enjoy it. I found it to be tedious on several occasions! The action was ludicrous too for the most part.

      • The Administrator is Merlin

        Well this is from the writers of Pirates Of The Caribbean who gave us such silliness like giant Tia Dalma, and it is aimed at kids so i can forgive them for some silliness. I’m not saying the film was perfect but I was able to have fun, as long as I didn’t think about it too much. But your opinion is your opinion.

  • ClaraTheGalvatron

    I’m not a big fan of cowboy films, so I’m not that bothered. But I did consider going and seeing this one after some good reviews so, who knows?

    • The Administrator is Merlin

      I would recommend it. I’m not a bug fan of westerns but I’m a huge fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films which led me to go see this and if you expect something very similar to Pirates then you won’t be disappointed. It entirely depends on your opinion of the Pirates films. If you enjoyed them then go see The Lone Ranger. If you didn’t then maybe give it a miss.