• Deus Ex Machina

    Is it sad that I didn’t even realise that this movie had been released in cinemas yet, let alone DVD? I never saw any ads for it on TV or anything. Oh well, not a big follower of the series anyway.

  • mark27b

    For the DVD/Blu-Ray of the first movie Sainsburys in the UK had the retailer exclusive disc that Target stores in the US had for less than £20.

    This time for the second movie Amazon UK have the exclusive Target 45 min disc for £60 as they have bundled it with other items you don’t want; deluxe box, copies of both films on Blu-Ray and DVD (4 copies) without the Sainsbury/Target disc for the first movie, soundtrack and art cards.

    I would import the Target version but Lionsgate seem to stringently region lock their releases from other reports.