• TheSilentSummerFalls

    Wonderful! Looking forward to it!

  • EternalDoctor

    Tremendous review, James(?). This was both consummate and deftly written, so bravo.

    I wasn’t exactly appeased with the first installment, but your review has made me hopeful that this one is a marked improvement. One of my issues with the first one was that it was far too trifling to bear any actual tension, but you’ve reassured me that this one won’t have that problem. I will definitely attempt to catch this later in the week then.

  • Steve Willis

    I would have bumped it up to a 0.5. I didn’t find Kate from LOST pointless as much as you. I thought she was better than Legolas. It was also nice meeting Legolas who was a dick.
    I was slightly annoyed at where the film ended.
    The Lord of the Rings and the first Hobbit film did end on a To Be Continued… but it felt like a natural “To Be Continued”, like the end of a chapter.
    I unfortunately saw the film in 3D (I had no choice. I went along with a group to see it, and only when we got the tickets I learnt it was in 3D [I didn’t even know the Cinema showed 3D]. Any 3D affects that didn’t work broke me out of my immersion. I would have prefered to have seen the film in 2D so the only thing that would distract me was needing to pee.

  • Great review, James!

    I wasn’t too impressed with An Unexpected Journey, and in fact found myself nearly bored to sleep around the time of the escape from the Goblin’s lair. Endless CGI chase/action sequences do absolutely nothing for me. I’ve been a critic of the decision to extend the story of The Hobbit to three films since it was first announced. Your review has just further cemented my disdain for it, and along with the rest of your criticisms, despite the healthy score, I’m no longer particularly interested in seeing this one. I might catch it on DVD at some point in the future, though, just to hear Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug, if nothing else (setting aside the rumours of animal deaths connected to these films, which, if they’re ever confirmed as true, would put me off watching it at all).

  • Earthborn

    I loved the film, yet I probably don’t analyse the length and stuff during it as much. I found every Legolas scene awesome

  • Koshei

    That’s a nice review! I waited for that film to come for over the year, but unfortunately I wasn’t impressed with it and still consider the first part better. Why? Well, the first part raises the potential of the film and for my opinion has a bit more dramatic elements than the second and of course few fighting scenes, which in my case are not as fun to watch as other. And second part is mostly going from one fighting scene to another making this installment too long and one-sized. Colorful characters like Beorn receive very little screen time and also putting Gandalf in the middle of the poster is a bit misleading, sadly he is featured very briefly here. I did enjoyed the appearance of Smaug, but what dwarfs decided to do next seemed uttery stupid and non-convincing. Talking about the acting then I was hugely impressed by Freeman’s Bilbo, who really shines in this part brilliantly. What about highly loved Legolas then as I see his appearance wasn’t needed: comparing with subtle and realistic portrayal of that character in LOTR trilogy we have here a wooden warlord and killing machine without any emotion or deep background. I wonder how that brute is going to be a true Legolas from the trilogy I know and like. Looking forward to director’s cut, maybe it will be better.