• Cyruptsaram

    I saw the final film today and found it outstanding! It may not have beaten the Two Towers or Return of the King, but it came very close. Leaving the cinema, I felt very nostalgic and emotional that I might never return to Middle-Earth again (not in the cinema anyway).

    Good review, but I would’ve given it 9/10. Also, Jackson didn’t turn three hundred pages into over eight hours, he took the source material yes, but added a lot of extra stories, including Azog’s attempt to foil the Dwarves and he also included the goings on in Dol Guldur, which do not feature in the book. To be honest, it helped to add a little darkness into the original novel.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    I feel as if almost all of the strengths and weaknesses of the film you’ve discussed here could just about apply to all the Middle Earth films. No matter its faults though, it’s still a great series and it’ll be sad to see it go. If it is going. For all we know they could decide to make yet another trilogy. Good old Hollywood.

  • EmpathDigital

    Completely agree about the weird decision to focus on Lord Ugly McUnibrow of Lake Town for so much of the film. If he’d had something to do which was more actually evil than annoying, I could have just about excused the inordinate amount of time we spent with him; or, if he’d gotten some kind of redemption that turned his character around and justified the amount of time we’d spent with him, I’d also have been ok with it. But the fact that you could remove him from the film entirely and it would make literally no difference to the plot just made me really angry.

    Someone suggested to me that he was there to create a more straightforward antagonist to Bard the Bowman, but in keeping him around and repeatedly asking him to do things when he’d shown that he is completely useless just makes Bard seem kind of weak and ineffectual as a leader.

    I could also have done with a bit more of the massive war that was going on in the third act of the film and a little less of the endless fighting with the two main Orcs which became pretty tedious after a while, but overall I did enjoy the film. For me, the Hobbit films pale in comparison to the Lord of the Rings films, but they were still a fun ride.