• The Watchful Guardian

    “Unlike in the novel, where Bilbo is sent into the mountain to find Smaug’s weak spot”

    No, he isn’t. He’s sent in to play his role as burglar which he does. He steals a cup and then leaves. It’s on his next visit to the mountain that his conversation with Smaug occurs.

    “The first major change from the novel is the actual motive for the quest itself. In the film, the quest is portrayed as being a noble attempt to reclaim a lost homeland while in the book; the motive is a bit greedier. The Dwarves are only in it for the gold”

    Not strictly true. The Dwarves are in it for revenge on Smaug. In the book, they’re just more realistic about slaying the dragon. I quote:
    “we still mean to get it back, and to bring our curses home to Smaug, if we can.” – Thorin in Bag End
    “I tell you that gold was just an afterthought with us. We came over hill and under hill, by wave and wind, for Revenge.” – Bilbo in his conversation with Smaug

    In fact it is hadn’t been for Gandalf, the dwarves would have settled on a straight on attack on Smaug. It was Gandalf who suggested the burglar.

    Other than that, a very good article though I’ll disagree with you over Tauriel’s healing being a great scene.

  • Steve Willis

    The healing scene was great. But there was a healing scene in The Fellowship. Some of the Hobbits faults are because The Lord of The Rings films exist. I find it distracting when my brain is drawing parallels between scenes of the two trilogies.